Create non group attached Modern Team Site collection with Flow – Team site (no Office 365 group)

Creating a  site collection with Flow is not straightforward

The intention is to create a “Team site (no Office 365 group)”  – a modern teams site that does NOT have a corresponding team – the client wanted to group using Teams by client name and then have each project be represented by a channel – more on that another time.


Flow Action: Send HTTP request to sharepoint

Site address:

Uri: /_api/SPSiteManager/create

Accept: application/json;odata=none


“request”: {
“WebTemplate”: “STS#3”,
“Title”: “@{variables(‘ProjectName’)}“,
“Url”: “{variables(‘ProjectName’)}“,
“Description”: “test”,
“Classification”: “”,
“Lcid”: 1033,
“ShareByEmailEnabled”: false,
“Owner”: “i:0#.f|membership|

Site address needs to be your main tenant url (not the admin path)

Text in blue is obviously referencing variables in the flow or needs to be updated with your values

The Web Template is

  • non-group associated Team Site: STS#3
References here

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